C h e l l a s t o n

famed for its alabaster

Meeting Places

There are a number of meeting places in Chellaston including:-

  The Church Hall (St. Peter's)

St. Peter's Road
Chellaston, Derby. DE73 6UT


Contact:     Amanda Sandland
Tel:            07806 891 819
e-mail:       stpeterschurchhallchellaston@hotmail.com

  The Community Centre  

Barley Croft
Chellaston, Derby. DE73 6TU
Tel:   01332 690 583


e-mail:       enquiries@chellastoncommunityassociation.co.uk

Methodist Church Hall  
High Street
Chellaston, Derby. DE73 6TB

Contact:     John Holmes
Tel:            01332 700 520

Scout Hut
Chellaston Scout Headquarters
Pit Close Lane
Chellaston, Derby. DE73 6TH

Contact:     Lucy
e-mail:       chair@chellastonscouthut.co.uk

Golden Hour

Maple Drive
Chellaston, Derby. DE73 6RD


Contact:     Jim Wright
Tel:             01332 738 131
e-mail:        jimwright1950@yahoo.co.uk